Stoneware, ceramic, pottery, tiles house plaques

Our personalised door plaques are meant for you, and for all who wish to see their house enhanced.
They are the ideal present for many occasions : weddings, housewarmings, birthdays, etc ... They will ornament housefronts and gates, and will lend them that touch of uniqueness and originality you are looking for.

At it is, each plaque is unique.
You can decide of its dimension, but also of its design. The themes are many : animals, jobs, flowers, landscapes (sea, moutain, countryside...), family shields, and we can also work after any document you might entrust us with by mail (picture, post card, sketch ...). You can also tell us the text you want to see written on your plaque (family name, number, name
of a villa, ...).
Their price depends on their size.
Our plaques are made of stoneware, engraved, glazed, and fired. They are weatherproof : neither sun nor frost can damage them

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